Mr. Big Almost Gets Beat Up

Chris Noth

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Noth was accosted by an angry trucker in the Bronx who wanted to know when he was going to marry Carrie. People were afraid to talk to Javier Bardem at the New York premiere of No Country for Old Men because he was so crazy in the movie. Dr. Ruth gave a copy of Sex for Dummies to Ivana Trump and fiancé Rossano Rubicondi while eating lunch at Michael’s. Anna Wintour had a meeting yesterday with Mayor Bloomberg. Ethan Hawke wowed the crowd at Off Broadway play Jump by breaking out a Karate Kid kick during an audience-participation bit. Zac Posen’s mom claims that her son can remember every outfit he’s worn to every party over the past 27 years.

During a benefit for the Bob Woodruff Family Fund, Robin Williams declared that Iraq was great for him as an alcoholic because there is no beer there. (At the same event, Bruce Springstein told a knock-knock joke, and Conan O’Brien said he’d pay cash for jokes since his writers were on strike.) Ellen DeGeneres crossed the picket line to tape a new episode of her show and was eviscerated by a former writer for doing so. Nicole Kidman suffered an ectopic pregnancy, not a miscarriage, with Tom Cruise. Jeffrey Epstein used to tell girls he could get them a record contract by bringing them into Tommy Mottola’s office. Francis Ford Coppola doesn’t think either Godfather or the sequel crack his top five best movies list. Peter Cook and some hair-accessory designer have been dating for the past three months. Rosie O’Donnell’s negotiations with MSNBC fell apart in part because she’s too talkative. Ted Turner and Court TV’s Catherine Crier hung out upstate in Bedford.

Mr. Big Almost Gets Beat Up