Neal Boulton Wants, Doesn’t Want Attention

Neal Boulton

Photo: Getty Images

Former Men’s Fitness editor and Jann Wenner paramour Neal Boulton calls up “Page Six” to tell them that he is getting harassed for being “too straight.” Harvey Weinstein said he uses Vogue and Anna Wintour to help style his films. The Box is about to implement a security system designed by Safir Rosetti, which is run by former police commissioner Howard Safir. 50 Cent may perform at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Salman Rushdie dressed up as Darth Vader on Halloween and had to fend off chicks with his light saber. Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace complained that only 39 American soldiers died in Iraq in October 2007, the fewest deaths in a month since 2004.

According to court papers, Britney Spears earns $737,868 a month, $118,000 of which she spends on clothes and entertainment. (She also wore a sombrero and fishnets to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in L.A.) A family friend of Jenna Bush said that he was surprised her book didn’t instruct girls how to get a fake I.D. Heather Mills complained that Paul McCartney doesn’t give enough money to charity, wouldn’t let her have a quick divorce, and won’t let their daughter live in America because he doesn’t want her having an American accent. Eminem is now dating a blonde studio manager in Detroit who looks like his ex, Kim Mathers. Comic Artie Lange turned 40 last week. Christopher Walken says he’s an abstract painter on the side but won’t show anyone his works. The old Mayrose restaurant on has been reopened as Lunetta.

Neal Boulton Wants, Doesn’t Want Attention