Oh NY1, Where Are Thy Stars?

Pat Kiernan

Our main news crush, Pat Kiernan.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Even though it’s celebrating its fifteenth year on local cable, NY1, the city’s 24-hour news station, still has such a lovably, reliably dorky, do-it-yourself feel. But this weekend, it caused a small ripple when the News, then the Times, reported that longtime weekend anchor Gary Anthony Ramsay had left the station. It leaked that he’d phoned into the station’s talk show “The Call” under an assumed name (“Dalton, from the Upper East Side”) and mouthed off his own opinion on the current Bernard Kerik flap. “He did a really stupid thing,” said a former NY1 reporter, now with a local network affiliate. “His judgment was just horrendous.” No argument there — even Ramsey admitted as much in the Times. He was planning to leave the station soon, anyway. Which got us wondering: Just where do NY1ers go when they leave? The channel isn’t known as a star maker for anchors and reporters (why wasn’t Pat Kiernan in the running for Dan Rathers’s job, hmmmmm?). After the jump, a little list of where people have been going after they leave the 1 mother ship.

• Former political reporter Andrew Kurtzman is now at WCBS-TV in New York.
• Health-reporting hunk Itay Hod decamped to the gay channel Logo.
• Elizabeth Kaledin was the medical correspondent at CBS News until Katie Couric bumped her to bring in her own doctor; now Kaledin’s back anchoring NY1’s 11 p.m. newscast with the stentorian-toned stalwart Lewis Dodley.
• Jonathan Dienst, Melissa Russo, and Carole Anne Riddell are all at WNBC.
• Reporter Taina Hernandez and former Queens bureau chief Gigi Stone are both at (the big) ABC, where Stone anchors their online news service ABC News Now and reports for ABC News, and Taina anchors ABC’s early-morning news programs.
• Former anchor Marcus Solis is at WABC-TV as a reporter in New York.
• Former anchor Deborah Feyerick has been at CNN as a New York correspondent since 2000.

Okay, okay, so NY1 hasn’t launched a Jessica Savitch yet. (But then again…) Meanwhile, will its two best-known anchors — dry-witted, “In the Papers”–reciting Kiernan and no-bullshit news mistress Roma Torre — ever leave? “No one understands why those two people are still there, because they’re so good,” said our source, their former longtime colleague. But we think we know why Torre’s still there, at least: Where else can you soberly recite the day’s news, then bow your head … and pop back up again as the station’s own theater-reviewing despot? Isn’t that breaking some cosmic rule of journalism? But that’s just why we love NY1 … they break all the rules, but they’re still big dorks! —Tim Murphy

Oh NY1, Where Are Thy Stars?