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Paul McCartney Gets Everyone’s Knickers in a Twist

Paul McCartney

This picture makes us feel gross.Photo:

Even after all these years, Paul McCartney can still set hearts aflutter. Especially tabloid hearts! Following in the footsteps of their British brethren, both the Daily News and the Post this morning devoted a good portion of their covers to Paul’s maybe-possible-sorta romance with New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell, after the two (who are old friends) were spotted — gasp — walking closely together and eating and maybe giving one another a peck on the cheek in the Hamptons this past weekend. The Post actually has video of their paparazzi torturing Shevell and her estranged husband. Even the Times got in on the action this morning, albeit in its own awesome, Timesian way:

The Sun, a British tabloid, reported that Ms. Shevell, 47, and Mr. McCartney, 65, spent last weekend together in the Hamptons. It said they ate at an East Hampton restaurant on Friday, visited each other’s homes on Saturday, and embraced before breakfast at a cafe on Sunday.

Still, can you hear the erotic energy crackling in between the lines? We don’t think we’ve seen this much excitement over a senior citizen getting busy since Monicagate. Go Paul! Your contract from Cialis is on the way! But one question: With a net worth of $1.5 billion, what’s the dude doing making a super-secret trip to buy lingerie himself?

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Paul McCartney Gets Everyone’s Knickers in a Twist