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Judith Regan: Still Got It!


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By now everyone in the world knows that Judith Regan, the ex-publisher who almost brought you O.J.’s If I Did It, is suing her former bosses at HarperCollins; it’s all a part of her professed desire to make her life “smaller, not bigger.” (Also part of the spotlight-reducing plan: recording a cover of “My Way,” writing about it in Harper’s Bazaar, and sending an mp3 of it to Gawker.) But it turns out the lawsuit might have implications beyond the publishing beehive. At issue is Regan’s much-documented affair with Bernie Kerik, infamously conducted atop the Shroud of Turin in an apartment near ground zero reserved for first responders.

According to Regan, a senior executive at News Corp., the HarperCollins parent company, encouraged her to lie about the affair to the Feds — because News Corp. is this invested in Kerik pal Giuliani’s presidential ambitions. We’re having all sorts of reactions to this: First, it’s a perfect storm of high and low gossip. Second, why were the Feds interviewing Regan about Kerik, back then a Homeland Security czar nominee, in the first place? That kinda corroborates the idea that she knows something substantial. Third: Oh, sweet Jesus, News Corp. is going to elect Rudy. And fourth: Duh, News Corp. is going to elect Rudy. Seriously, ever see those campaign-coverage banners on the New York Post site where Clinton is “Hillary” but Giuliani is “America’s Mayor”? This thing is over! —Michael Idov

Giuliani-Kerik Angle in Suit by Ex-Publisher [NYT]

Judith Regan: Still Got It!