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‘Post’ Grabs a Towel in Preparation for Epstein Trial

EpsteinAnd what stories do you have, little lady?

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire and friend of Clinton who was charged last year with paying teenage girls to massage him while he jerked off into a towel at his pink Palm Beach mansion, has decided not to plead guilty, the Post reports today; he’ll take his chances with a jury. Reporting this must have been bittersweet for the Post, because they’ve been insisting for months that Epstein had taken or was literally on the verge of any minute taking a plea deal. But then we expect they are waiting with baited breath for all the lurid details of the trial to come out. As are we! In fact, with the expectation that all the stories we’ve heard in the months since the allegations first came to light are going to be rehashed in the trial, which the Post says is scheduled for January, we’re going to repeat one of our favorite bits from the recent lawsuit filed by lawyer extraordinaire William Unroch on behalf of his ex-lover, transgender kinda-model Maximilia Cordera:

[Epstein] suddenly went into the bathroom and came out several minutes later wearing red lipstick and wearing a matted red wig. He said to plaintiff “Call me Janice.”

That is all. Good day!

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‘Post’ Grabs a Towel in Preparation for Epstein Trial