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Preppy Ladies Gone Wild?

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones, possible bandit, on Facebook.Photo: Facebook

You have to love crime coverage in New York. When two preppy ladies are caught going into open-house viewings at ritzy apartments and making off with pursefuls of trinkets, it’s not a paragraph in the police blotter. It’s a page-four story with the headline: “THELMA & LOUISE BUSTED!” Never mind that in the film Thelma & Louise, the two women drive off a cliff to their doom to avoid getting caught by police (as opposed to just driving into traffic away from a real-estate broker on foot), they also killed a man in a bar parking lot. But aside from this old-school take, the Daily News coverage of the string of apartment robberies is quite forward-thinking! They downloaded a picture of Jennifer Jones, one of the accused thieves, from And she’s doing yoga, no less! Now, the News clearly isn’t one of Jennifer’s 73 friends — otherwise you can imagine all of the Vampire applications they’d be using on her (“Start biting chumps!”) — so we can’t be sure whether the flexible woman in question is, in fact, a robber. But ever since Virginia Tech, when message boards on Facebook were often the only accurate listings of the missing and wounded, have you noticed that the Website has been adopted as an acceptable, reliable way for news outlets to research young people? Interesting, huh? Also interesting: the fact that Jennifer Jones is 33, and therefore way too old to be on Facebook in the first place.

Two women arrested for posing as apt. buyers, then swiping luxury goods [NYDN]

Preppy Ladies Gone Wild?