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Prince Alwaleed Indulges in a Little Retail Therapy

• Citigroup’s biggest shareholder, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, unwound from the loss of $4.6 billion and the firing of Chuck Prince by adding an A380, the largest passenger airplane in the world, to his collection of private jets. The plane, which seats 525, and includes and several bedrooms, ballrooms, and a private theater, cost upwards of $319 million. We bet he feels better now. [NYP, NYT]
• Steve Schwarzman married off his son Edward, a corporate lawyer at Skadden, to Ellen Zajac, a corporate lawyer at Thacher Proffitt. Maybe together they can save Blackstone from going down the tubes — the firm is down 25 percent since going public back in June. [NYT, NYP]
• Worried about a run on the bank? Here’s how to know which accounts are insured, and how much you’ll get back. [MarketBeat/WSJ]

• How do you persuade jaded journalists deregulation is really for the common good? Do like FCC commissioner Kevin Martin and pen an op-ed in which you claim it’ll save newspapers. [Mixed Media/Portfolio, NYT]
• Did Hillary Clinton learn her media strategy from the likes of Bush? Or is she just the only one who knows how to face down the right-wing conspiracy? [TNR]
• Looks like Murdoch really is planning to make free; he projects he’ll pull in 10 to 15 million freeloading readers rather than the current million paying ones. [Media Mob/NYO]

• Scalia wins the Supreme Court stand-up comedy contest by a long shot. No surprise, Ginsburg and Thomas come in last — with a grand total of four and zero laughs over an entire session. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Melvyn Weiss is trying to gain some home-court advantage in the long-running Milberg Weiss investigation by moving the trial to New York, his “spiritual” home. [NYS]
• Michael Mukasey’s first job as attorney general: Fire the shoddy U.S. attorney of Minnesota. [NYT]

• One of the new Marc Jacobs shops on Bleecker is for tots. It’s never too early to start the designer addiction! [WWD]
• Is Agyness Deyn the new face of CK jeans? Can she be stopped? [Fashionista]
• Another actress, another wannabe designer. Mena Suvari has launched a line of, um, scarves. [Bluefly]

Prince Alwaleed Indulges in a Little Retail Therapy