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Stan O’Neal Disinvited to the Literal and Figurative Party

• Stan O’Neal wasn’t invited to a big Merrill Lynch reunion party thrown by Evelyn Juan, the son of a Merrill founder. Guess Stan will just have to drink himself to sleep in his board-provided office. [DealBreaker]
• Goldman’s unbelievable success is forcing all the other top banks to dig deep into the honey pot and pay out a record-setting $38 billion in bonuses, despite losing $74 billion in market value. Goldman, of course, accounts for almost half of the bonus pool. Let’s just say it’s good to be Goldman. [Deal Journal/WSJ, Bloomberg]
• Steve Schwarzman spared no expense for his son’s wedding and the tab ran to $150,000, including a $20,000 BBQ supper, $7,000 for drinks, and $50,000 to rent an entire hotel and keep the riffraff out. Still pales in comparison to Schwarzman’s $3 million birthday bash. [NYP]

• Fox News has bedbugs! That’s gotta explain something. Oh, and Fox’s evening-news pretty boy Shep Smith signed a contract for $7 million a year, in the same league as network anchors. Something tells us Anderson Cooper, and his big guns, could still take Smith in a fight. [TVNewser/Mediabistro, NYT]
• The Wall Street Journal would lose around $63 million if they dropped subscriptions to [Yahoo]
• Will Judith Regan’s dirt on Bernie Kerik help take down Rudy? Frank Rich sure hopes so. [NYT]

• David Gross, a former Nassau County judge, was sentenced to 33 months for mob money-laundering and trafficking in stolen diamonds. [New York Law Journal]
• Should law firm leaders get paid like Wall Street CEOs? [National Law Journal]
• A new survey shows the income gap between male and female lawyers is only getting bigger. [Legal Blog Watch/]

• Louis Vuitton won an injunction against Britney Spears for using a faux LV logo in her 2005 “Do Something” video. Aww, like anyone’s watching those videos. [WWD]
• Kate Moss is going to be featured in the Donna Karan ads. [British Vogue]
• 7th on Sale was apparently, um, less than sensational this year. [Second City Style]

Stan O’Neal Disinvited to the Literal and Figurative Party