Tell Us Why You Love New York

New York

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Why do we love New York? Because you can always reinvent yourself. Because you can have everything delivered. Because we’ve got both Rudy and Hillary. Because it all happens here. We love this city for a multitude of reasons, but for our third annual Reasons to Love New York issue, we want to know why you love the city. Tell us about your favorite people and places, the culture you can’t live without, the food you have to eat, the politics you can’t stop arguing about, even the things you love to hate. Anything goes when it comes to explaining why this city is the city, and no idea is too specific or small. So contribute to the lovefest and send your reasons to; we can’t reply to all submissions, but see if your love for New York made the list when the issue hits newsstands on December 17.

Update: We’re still looking for reasons why you love New York. Some of you have left great comments below telling just what tickles you about this ol’ town. Is it, like WEXY says, because you can “see an Indie rock show at the Bowery Ballroom on Friday, see a Next Wave show at BAM on Saturday and go to the Giant football game on Sunday and stop off at a pub on Eighth Avenue where people know [you] on the way home for a bite to eat?” Or is it simply, as ANNIEC explains, because you “don’t know how to drive?” Keep emailing your reasons to the above address, or commenting down below!

Tell Us Why You Love New York