The Last Days of Lydisco


Happier times, three weeks ago. Photo: Getty Images

You know how you start sleeping with someone, and then one day, all of a sudden, he completely grosses you out and you have to immediately break up with him, and maybe even pretend it never happened? We call this Sudden Revulsion Syndrome, and we think Lydia Hearst must have gotten a strong case of it regarding her BF Cisco Adler. It seems like mere weeks ago that Lydia and the large-balled Whitestarr front man were making out at the Box, and freaking each other in L.A. on Halloween, and Lydia was gushing that their relationship was “a whole other form of creation.” But a socialite’s love is fleeting. “Page Six” this morning reports that Lydia was overheard saying, “I’m so single!” this past weekend, and her rep tells the Post, “they were never really boyfriend-girlfriend.” Ouch. We’re not too worried about Cisco though. We feel he’ll bounce back. In fact, after the jump, our suggestions of ladies he could start being spotted canoodling with.

1. Lake Bell: We have no idea who this person is, but she’s everywhere. Just like Cisco! See, they already have things in common.
2. Le Call: This Model–cum–MySpace star has been seeing Owen Wilson, but really, how long will that last? Cisco is the perfect rebound!
3. Brandon Davis: It just feels right.
4. Taylor Momsen, a.k.a. Jenny from Gossip Girl. So what if she’s in high school? She’s mature for her age.
5. Weird Web experiment/girl-about-town Julia Allison. Game recognizes game. And just think of the exposure!

We could really get into this. In fact, isn’t it about time for Cisco to have his own reality show, like I Love New York? Tell us your suggestions for who you’d like to see Cisco photographed with next in the comments!

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The Last Days of Lydisco