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The ‘Times’ Has Great Long-term Memory, Short-term Not As Much

Hillary and Rudy

These two love a walk down memory lane. Actually, they hate one.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Hey, remember yesterday when Salon’s Rob Polner did an awesome, in-depth story looking back over Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani’s last political contest, the 2000 Senate race? It walked you through all of the icky details of Rudy’s self-destruction then, from the time he relentlessly attacked her for accidentally playing “Captain Jack” at a campaign rally to the whole mess with his prostate cancer and surprisingly revolting public affair. Polner also reminded us of the time when a cop killed 26-year-old Patrick Dorismond and instead of apologizing, Giuliani released a statement saying Dorismond was “no altar boy” himself (in case you forgot, he was an altar boy). The Salon piece noted how now Giuliani is using some of the same absurd anti-Hillary attacks that didn’t work the first time, and Hillary is using her same hardworking, calm but tough grassroots strategy. Yeah, it really was a good article. We can only assume that’s why Adam Nagourney wrote the same exact one in the Times today.

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The ‘Times’ Has Great Long-term Memory, Short-term Not As Much