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Timothy Sykes Will Not Be Stopped, Gosh Darn It

Timothy Sykes

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Timothy Sykes, the boy wonder who started a hedge fund when he was 18 and who learned how cruel finance and the Internet can be when it tanked when he was 24, unveiled his new project today. As befits a narcissist, it’s called TIM, for transparent capital management, and it turns out it’s transparent in more than one way! Quoth Tim’s newsletter:

What I plan to do is start all over again and repeat my original feat. I’ll begin with the same $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah Gift Money I originally received back in 1999 and trade my way back up to $1.65 million dollars for a second time … I’m going to describe everything I do on TimothySykes.com … I’ll show everyone exactly what I’m doing so you guys can watch and interact with me while learning my strategies. The key is that I’ll hold nothing back. My every move will be open to public scrutiny. I’ll be using a regular discount online brokerage account to prove that anybody can do it. The goal is to help everyone learn by laying everything out there and breaking it down to the basics and i have a feeling I might enjoy proving all my naysayers wrong … It’s going to be wild!

Oh, Tim. Clearly when the bullies beat you down, your mom told you that if-at-first-you-don’t-succeed stuff, but did she forget to tell you all those other maxims, like “revenge is the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind” and “pride comes before a fall”?

Timothy Sykes [Official site]
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Timothy Sykes Will Not Be Stopped, Gosh Darn It