Zoe Kravitz Shows Some Leg

Zoe Kravitz

Photo: Getty Images

Lenny Kravitz complained that his 18-year-old daughter’s skirt was too short. Nancy Reagan wants Mayor Bloomberg to run for president. New York Ranger Sean Avery may be cheating on Mary-Kate Olsen with ex-flame Lake Bell. Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson may or may not have made out at the Beatrice Inn. A lady clamoring to see Jessica Simpson at the Waverly Inn knocked over a table and tumbled into the fireplace. Leroy Barnes, a drug-dealing competitor of Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington), says American Gangster, portrayed him inaccurately. An ex-cop made a board game that highlights the incompetence surrounding the rebuilding of ground zero.

Jack Nicholson said he once almost bought a stake of the Yankees for $41 million. Robert De Niro went to the Atlantic’s 150th-anniversary party despite the fact he had a bum shoulder. Cindy Adams says Paul McCartney and his new girlfriend, trucking-company owner Nancy Shevell, are getting serious. Jon Corzine’s girlfriend, Upper East Side psychotherapist Sharon Elghanayan, used to date Russell Crowe’s real-life counterpart in American Gangster. Lynne Spears now has her own manager. Russell Simmons filmed an anti-dog-fighting spot on YouTube. Evan Rachel Wood says finds women attractive but isn’t a bisexual.

Zoe Kravitz Shows Some Leg