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Alan Patricof and the Castle of Greycroft


Well, we see a resemblance. Photo: Patrick McMullan, Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Every time we hear the name of venture capitalist (and former New York owner) Alan Patricof’s newish company, Greycroft Partners, we are totally reminded of the childhood cartoon character He-Man and his Castle of Grayskull. Heh, we think to ourselves, because apparently on the inside we are a dorky 9-year-old boy. But reading Lloyd Grove’s interview with Patricof on Portfolio’s Website today, we realized that we’re not so far off. Patricof kind of is like He-Man of the Internet, albeit less blond and muscle-y. For starters, he seems to have He-Man’s telepathic powers (he got in on the ground floor of Apple and America Online). He’s in charge of almost everything (Greycroft is invested in dozens of digital start-ups and young companies, including the Huffington Post). He travels the world doing good (he does a ton of pro-bono work for developing countries). He never seems to slow down (dude is 73 and is in the office from 6 a.m. to 7p.m. every day). He is resistant to damage. And what group does He-Man belong to, again? That’s right: The Masters of the Universe. But now we’re wondering: Does this make Rupert Murdoch Skeletor?

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Alan Patricof and the Castle of Greycroft