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Alexis Stewart Is Unlikable, Into Rough Trade

Alexis Stewart

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We’ve always found Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, vaguely off-putting. She tends to come off kind of cranky and defensive and self-involved in interviews and on her Sirius radio show, “Whatever With Alexis and Jennifer” (with Martha Stewart CEO Charles Koppleman’s daughter), which has always struck us as a bit unseemly, considering her monstrous fortune and the fact that she is 42 years of age, kinda old to call a woman who doesn’t like your chocolate-chip-cookie recipe a “cunt.” But is that really fair? Maybe we’re just visiting the sins of the mother upon the daughter, we said to ourselves when we picked up Page Six Magazine this weekend. Maybe Alexis isn’t as bad as we thought. But as it turns out, we were right all along!

• Alexis, after attending the funeral of her grandmother: “I just didn’t want to fake having a great relationship with her… I don’t believe if someone’s related to you it means anything unless you have a good relationship.”
• Alexis on the subway: “You can do a whole subway ride and not touch anything.”
• Alexis on her childhood: “We weren’t poor by any stretch, but I had less than most of my friends. My mother didn’t make her fortune until I was in my 30s. I grew up mucking out the chicken coop.”
• And yet: After she graduated from Barnard, Alexis wasn’t sure what to do: “If I’d needed money to live and I had to get a job, that might have helped me make a decision. I wasn’t forced to do anything. I was given every choice, which meant I couldn’t make a decision. From 21–25, I was very unhappy not knowing what to focus on.”
• Alexis’s ideal mate, according to her co-host: “A very smart, hot construction worker with a hot ass.”

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Alexis Stewart Is Unlikable, Into Rough Trade