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Andre Birleanu: I Made VH1 and I Can Break Them!


Photo: Courtesy of VH1

Andre Birleanu from America’s Most Smartest Model doesn’t just play a delusional asshole on TV; he is one in real life! Andre was arrested after grabbing a woman’s vajayjay at a party at Cipriani a couple of months ago — “He has this insane thing inside of him,” the woman said at the time. “You can see it in his eyes.” — and today, he unleashes the beast upon “Page Six.” Basically, Andre feels stifled; he says VH1 has told him not to talk about the charges, and he can’t understand why not, especially since he is clearly really skilled at damage control. (“I already slept with that girl, so it’s strange she would say I touched her inappropriately,” he told the Post in October.) In the meantime, he says, he’s losing work because of the charges, which is all VH1’s fault. “I had a great career before the show, and now I am losing a lot because of VH1,” he told the Post. “I made them money and they destroyed me.” Hilarious! Someone give this guy a reality show. Oh, wait.

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Andre Birleanu: I Made VH1 and I Can Break Them!