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Anti-Santas Attempt to Ruin Christmas by Hijacking FedEx Truck


Photo: WCBS

Were you expecting a FedEx this morning? And now it’s the afternoon, and you find you’re still waiting on Aunt Lois’s annual shipment of Florida oranges? That’s probably because early this morning, some dudes had the bright idea of carjacking an eighteen-wheeler FedEx truck at 47th Street and 11th Avenue, and now the whole works are fouled up. Even though a FedEx operator swore our package wasn’t on the stolen truck, it’s still four hours late, and we want our presents. But our Christmas is less ruined than the poor driver’s — apparently after they stole the truck, the thieves stuffed him in a car and drove him around for a while. The good news is they dropped him off in Brooklyn this morning, and he’s fine (although he’ll probably suffer some David Fisher–esque aftershocks for a little while). So, strangely, is the truck, which was also found in Williamsburg. Police are saying the packages within appear to be unmolested, even if they are going to be, like, 100 hours late now. The other good news is this: If you forgot to send someone a present this year, you can still totally blame it on FedEx.

Holiday Heist [WCBS-TV]

Anti-Santas Attempt to Ruin Christmas by Hijacking FedEx Truck