Ben Gazzara Will Have a Doggie Bag


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Ben Gazzara and his wife used to sneak their dog into restaurants in a bag,
until they got busted at a French bistro. Google co-founder Larry
is getting married this Saturday on a Caribbean island owned by
Richard Branson. Tara Reid has dropped her appearance fee from $30,000 to $3,500. Seth Meyers says the hours he spends on the picket lines for the Writers Guild strike are tougher than the ones he spent writing for SNL. Mets pitcher John Maine says an impostor was asking women to give him their dresses. Damien Hirst got outbid on the world’s largest truffle, which ended up selling to a Macau casino owner for $330,000. Dennis Quaid is suing Baxter Healthcare, claiming that faulty medication packaging led to his newborn twin’s overdose. People are actually still suing Borat for being duped into appearing in his movie. James
MacAvoy and Keira Knightley
had to be talked through their sex scene in Atonement because “it had to be so erotic.”

Johnny Depp is afraid of getting shots from the doctor. A male staffer for Senator Maria Cantwell was fired after arranging to have a tryst with a 13-year-old boy. Dave Chappelle performed stand-up on Sunday for six hours and twelve minutes, a world record. Zach Braff went to Marquee with ten guys. David Blaine is trying to set the world record for hours spent staying awake. LL Cool J helped an elderly woman get off a plane. CNN is scrambling to get people to attend its “All-Star Tribute” at the Museum of National History because no one RSVP’d. Britney Spears doesn’t want California social workers accessing documents about her because she’s afraid that the paparazzi will then have access to more info about her sons. Lindsay Lohan is back with ex Stavros Niarchos after dumping rehab boyfriend Riley Giles. Ben Stiller got off the elevator at the wrong floor at Fiamma in Soho and ended up at a private engagement party.

Ben Gazzara Will Have a Doggie Bag