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Bianca Jagger Ruins Some Civil Servant’s Day

Bianca Jagger

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Two months after it was announced that Bianca Jagger was going to lose the lease on her massive Park Avenue apartment (and four years after she stopped paying rent on it because of a dispute with her landlord over mold), the fuzz has shown up to start chucking out her stuff. “She found out from a neighbor’s phone call that a sheriff had arrived,” reports the Associated Press. (Wow. Will the sheriff come to town and move our stuff when we leave, too? He can have it. We’re sure our Ikea couch would look good in his saloon.) This marks the end of years and years of battling between Jagger and her landlords, Katz Park Avenue Corp. Katz finally won in October by proving that Jagger wasn’t eligible for the rent-stabilized place, since she really lived in London. But we figure the real loser here is that poor sheriff. Can you imagine moving some rich lady’s junk out in this weather?

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Bianca Jagger Ruins Some Civil Servant’s Day