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Blonde Ambition! Why Madonna Hearts Hillary


Photo: Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

Lately, Madonna cannot seem to stop talking about how much she loves Hillary Clinton. “I’ve gotta support the girls,” she told WWD last week when they asked whom she was rooting for. And today, “Rush & Molloy” has a tiny item that says she told them she’d stump for Hillary over Obama. It’s all kind of weird because, well, Obama’s hot, and this is Madonna we’re talking about. But Madge’s affinity for Hillary does sort of make sense; after all, they’re kind of alike. For instance: They’re both blonde and prone to frequent image makeovers. They’ve both been subject to lesbian rumors. They are both married to charismatic hot dudes who may or may not be the best husbands. They’ve both been known to pop into a gay club every now and again and get triple-teamed onstage. (Oh, kidding.) And! According to one attention-seeking genealogist, they’re cousins. Oh, and according to the Daily News, Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative has supported Madonna’s work in Malawi. Hm. Now if only Bill could do some work with South Africa’s Leadership Academy

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Blonde Ambition! Why Madonna Hearts Hillary