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‘Business Week’ Objects to Larry Page’s Marriage

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Is it bad luck when, two days before your wedding, Business Week runs an entire article about why your husband shouldn’t marry you? —GB

OMG. Is Business Week pulling a total Graduate on Larry Page? Just two days before the Google founder’s wedding to Lucy Southworth, they’ve provided a list of all of the reasons Page might reconsider. “Billionaire Marriages—Why Get Hitched?” starts off by quoting Manhattan’s grim reaper of marriage, Raoul Felder — “A billionaire has to treat an upcoming marriage as a merger,” he says. “But it’s a merger with a potential enemy.” — and it only gets darker from there. “Given all of the billionaire marriages that have ended badly, Larry Page may well have a prenup ready before he takes his vows on Dec. 8,” writes Zoe Galland, “but [a prenup is] no guarantee of a satisfactory split if things go south.” Since there are only about 500 people in the country who need this advice, and they’re probably not going to get it from Business Week, this all feels eerily pointed. Something you want to tell us, Zoe? Speak now — or forever hold your peace!

Billionaire Marriages—Why Get Hitched? [Business Week]

‘Business Week’ Objects to Larry Page’s Marriage