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Howard Stern Is Quietly Gay-Loving

• Howard Stern, good for the gays? A longtime lesbian listener calls Stern “one of the most pro-gay media personalities in the country.” []
• Murdoch finally gets his giant puffy hands on the Journal today at 10 a.m. The only question is just how much of the Bancroft family will try to show their noble intentions, however laughably inept, by registering a protest vote against the deal. [WSJ]
• A great new/old debate: Should Democrats go on Fox News? [Mixed Media/Portfolio, NYO]

• Lloyd Blankfein may get a $70 million bonus! And you thought Dick Fuld was having a merry Christmas. [NYP]
• Sandy Weill admitted his old baby, Citigroup, now suffering through that terrible stage of adolescent uncertainty, may have to make some big changes. Sometimes it’s so hard being a parent! [NYP]
• The Fed’s attempt to team up with central banks worldwide may not be decisive enough — and it shows some real fear about the financial safety of the markets. [Floyd Norris/NYT]
• Lehman reserves $9.5 billion for bonuses, roughly $330,000 per employee.

• Alberto Gonzalez, lawyer of the year! [AP via]
• Barack Obama’s road not taken — to the Supreme Court. [Legal Times]
• One lawyer who showed David Chase around New Jersey claims he gave him the idea for The Sopranos. You can tell this guy couldn’t have done it, though — he’s not making Chase an offer he can’t refuse, he’s just taking him to court. [NYT]

• Men in fur: hot or not? [NYT]
• Stay calm, ladies: Work has begun on Topshop. Oh, who are we kidding? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! [Racked]
• The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office is charging Matthew Willamson with stealing African patterns. [Jezebel]

Howard Stern Is Quietly Gay-Loving