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If the Spearses Insist on Ruining Their Careers, Who Will Be Left for Bonnie Fuller to Kick Around?

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Like a junkyard pit bull, Bonnie Fuller has got her teeth in the 16-year-old flesh of pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, and she is not letting go. Today brings Bonnie’s second Huffington Post column on the subject of Spears the Younger’s pregnancy. Yesterday, Bonnie was pissed off that Lynn Spears was paying too much attention to her daughter’s career to notice Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. “Were you too tied up lining up meetings with record company executives, TV networks, publicists and tour managers to check on whether you were instilling personal values and self-esteem in your daughters?” she asked. Today, after a poll of Star readers showed that 93% of them believed Jamie Lynn should be fired, she’s pissed that Lynn didn’t pay enough attention to her daughter’s career. “If I’m Lynn Spears,” she wrote, “I would have been very concerned about the possibility that she was pregnant on every level — how it would affect her personally and how a pregnancy could also be a career killer.”

After all, no 16-year-old is properly prepared to raise a child and no 16-year-old with a career as a teen heroine on a teen network is likely to keep her day job.” Also, she takes issue with Spears’s decision to speak to competing magazine Ok!, “which often pays big bucks for stories” — “a blaring public relations boo boo,” in Bonnie’s unbiased opinion — and suggests the pregnancy might somehow have been an ill-advised “career move.” Right. So Lynn Spears is not only a bad mom, she’s a bad manager. But there is a positive to Jamie Lynn’s career being “over” that Bonnie fails to note: At least she won’t have to worry about having her cellulite scrutinized in Star.

Jamie Lynn — Wake Up and Smell the Frappuccino — This Baby Backfired! [HuffPo]
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If the Spearses Insist on Ruining Their Careers, Who Will Be Left for Bonnie Fuller to Kick Around?