City Free of ‘Sex and the City’ Movie! …For Now


Photo: WireImage

Mets pitcher John Maine asked an attractive clubgoer at Touch if he could try on her black dress in the bathroom. Sex and the City wrapped up shooting in New York with a party at the Royalton Hotel. Bill Clinton swapped seats with Oscar de la Renta so he could sit next to Penélope Cruz instead of Anna Wintour at the Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala. Lame duck Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is annoyed that his name wasn’t included in a recent Post article about 2009 gubernatorial contenders. Tommy Hilfiger made $8.5 million when he sold the East Hampton home he bought a year and a half ago for $26.5 million. Bobby Cannavale dropped his 47-year-old girlfriend for 22-year-old Alison Pill. Fans of Law & Order: SVU are annoyed that Richard Belzer doesn’t have as much screen time as he once did.

Britney Spears only decided to show up to shoot a music video after learning that a younger, hotter singer would shoot it in her place if she didn’t. Kurt Andersen wouldn’t elaborate on what he meant when he wrote about Lynn Cheney’s “extravagant flirtations with a friend of mine over the years” in this magazine. Eva Longoria and seven friends had a $100,000 shopping spree in New York comped. Helena Bonham Carter says the size of her breasts fluctuated from “melons to tangerines” during the production of Sweeney Todd because she got pregnant halfway through. Scott Weiland was arrested for a DUI, again. Wyclef Jean is pissed at the report that AIDS came from Haiti. Eighty-year-old documentarian Albert Maysles is currently filming a documentary about Fall Out Boy. Sean Penn has so far remained mum on his buddy Hugo Chavez’s electoral loss. Crystal Waters, a.k.a. the chick who sang “100 Percent Pure Love,” acted like a diva at Marquee. Julianne Hough, .a.k.a. the chick who broke up the wedding of her Dancing With the Stars partner Helio Castronoves, also went on a few dates with Kevin Connolly. Cindy Adams has a crush on Guy Ritchie. Elizabeth Taylor’s performance of Love Letters at Paramount Studios in Hollywood raised $1 million for her own HIV/AIDS foundation.

Update: A Mets spokesman contacted us to say that Maine wasn’t even in New York last week. “I think it’s atrocious that people would make up things like this,” said a team rep. “He’s getting calls at home. Friends are making fun of him, wondering what’s up. He was home in Virginia, where he has been since the end of the season.” Widdicombe still stands by his story, as does pagesix.com, whose actual reporter was asked for a dress by the person claiming to be Maine at that same party.

Update: And! Scott Weiland’s publicist contacted us with this statement: “Scott Weiland was recently involved in a minor accident in Los Angeles and denies he was driving under the influence. He voluntarily took a Breathalyzer test which the defense believes registers well within the legal limit. He is anxious to get to court on December 13 and clear this matter up.”

City Free of ‘Sex and the City’ Movie! …For Now