Just in Time for Hanukkah, Sherri Shepherd Explains Judaism Away


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We love Sherri Shepherd. Since she came on The View, the show has had more energy, more weaves, and a hell of a lot more on-camera drinking. Also, it’s had a lot more interesting Christian moments. Like today, when Sherri claimed that Jesus Christ arrived on Earth and started the Christian religion before anything else in history happened. During a discussion about the Greek philosopher Epicurus (341 B.C.–270 B.C.), the following debate popped up among a lot of cross chatter:

Whoopi: Keep in mind probably when he was around there was no Jesus going on.

Sherri: No, they had Christians back then.

[Cross talk]

Sherri: They had Christians, they threw them to the lions.

[Cross talk]

Whoopi: I think this might predate that.

Joy: They believed in polytheism.

Sherri: I don’t think anything predated Christians.

Joy: No, the ancient Greeks were earlier. It went Greeks, Romans, then Christians.

Sherri: Jesus came first before them.

Whoopi: [Gently, bless her] Not on paper.

Now, Sherri is not wrong about people in the Bible being thrown to the lions way before then. But people called them Jews then, because Jesus didn’t come until 300 years later. All in all, probably a fair mistake. Just not one we expected to hear in the same episode as Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul talking about aborting an 8-month-old baby.

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Just in Time for Hanukkah, Sherri Shepherd Explains Judaism Away