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Karl Rove to Finally Profit From Professional Secret-Keeping

• Here come the NBC News pay cuts: Jeff Zucker plans to slash anywhere between $20 and $40 million, including an entire level of MSNBC management. And thanks to the writers’ strike and fears of recession, future cuts may only get worse. [NYP]
• Karl Rove may be offered $3 million for a memoir, in which we may find out how much he got in exchange for his soul. [NYP]
• At least one person thinks the press did a heckuva job in reporting the lead-up to the Iraq war — former top White House communications adviser Dan Bartlett. [NYO]

• Is Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the ostensible crown jewel in Goldman’s cap, really just the black sheep of the family? None of Paulson’s recent mortgage-meltdown proposals have garnered much praise, and he’s beginning to look “downright un–Goldman.” [Breaking Views]
• Vikram Pandit better watch out — a little-known GE vice-chairman named Michael Neal is looking to pull a Huckabee and “win” the top spot at Citigroup. But honestly, let’s stop playing coy — we all know no one would want to hook up with such an overweight behemoth as Citi. [DealBook/NYT]
• Are hedge funds getting poked unfairly? [NYT]

• Duane Hart, a black judge from Queens, failed in his attempt to overturn a disciplinary action decided by Raoul Felder, claiming that Felder’s “racial bias” had tainted the decision. Hart’s evidence? Felder’s book Schmucks!: Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, the Armed and Dangerous, and Good Guys Gone Bad. [New York Law Journal]
• If you summered this year, do you know how much your firm loves you? Maybe enough to send a care package around final-exam time? No? Oh crap, maybe you won’t be making $160,000 next year. [Above the Law]
• They even make Guantánamo jokes at the Supreme Court! Really lame jokes, that is. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Brace yourselves: Marc Jacobs will show at the end of Fashion Week, on Friday at 7ish. [WWD]
• Kate Moss is the new Louis Vuitton girl. [Fashionista]
• Tired of Anna Wintour deciding what everybody has to wear? Take a turn dressing her up. [Jossip]

Karl Rove to Finally Profit From Professional Secret-Keeping