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Next in ‘Page Six Magazine’: Some Athletes Take Steroids

Coke Baby

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Say what you will, but Page Six Magazine has got the yuppies-take-drugs beat locked. Each week brings a new story of a group of professionals who look just like everybody else — only they’re high. Best of all, the drugs in question often correspond rather awesomely to the professions of the people interviewed. For instance, back in October, we found in the Pages of Six that bloggers and publishing slackers smoke pot. Last week, they told us that many graphic designers and lawyers take cocktails of Adderall and Wellbutrin. And this week, we learn that snorting coke off your baby is no longer just the purview of prosties. In fact, “all those moms and dads you see at the playground” are actually coke fiends the likes of which haven’t been seen since Studio 54! Only much, much less fabulous. Take Gregory, who did lines with another father in the bathroom of a Thai restaurant — with their infant children in the room. “After I did a line, I fed him one off my fist while he still had his kid in the sling. There was like, coke dust in the air over this baby’s head. Then we picked up the food and took the kids back home.” To which professional field do the cokeheads belong? Well, let’s see: There’s a publicist, a fashion marketing person, a publicist, and an advertising creative. Yeah. You’ve got to love it when people live up to their stereotypes.

24 Hour Party Parents [NYP, print only]

Next in ‘Page Six Magazine’: Some Athletes Take Steroids