‘New York Weddings’ Wants You to Relive Your Happiest Day


Photo: Danielle Levit

Hey there, happily married readers. This is a post that’s just for you. Bitter singletons, don’t bother continuing to read. For once, we’re not pandering in your direction. Okay? Cool. Now, you couples: We know that since your wedding, you’ve maybe caught yourself now and then remembering back to that joyous day, with a fond smile on your face. Wow, you think to yourself in those quiet, personal moments. Why the hell did I only get that one day? How come, since then, there hasn’t been a time when everyone devoted all of their attention to you? After all, that was the only time anyone oohed and aahed over a Website full of pictures of just you and your spouse. And lately, nobody has been getting up onstage to read drunken speeches about how pretty you are and how many tequila shots you kept down on your bachelorette party. What the hell? Being married is the hard part. Being engaged was cake.

Here at New York, we have some comfort to offer. We’re looking to shoot and poll married couples (the only restriction is that they be New Yorkers, and we’d love a range of ages) for story in our Weddings issue. We want to (wait for it) hear all about your wedding! We can do the polls via e-mail or in person at the shoot (and, of course, all answers or quotes that may be a little too honest can be kept anonymous!). We’ll probably do the photo shoot in mid-January.

Were you married in 1968? Do you know someone who was? New York is working on a photo essay about couples who were married in the city in 1968. Do you have photos that we could consider for publication? Please get in touch with us at

And finally, we’re also doing a story on formal portraits. That’s right, those amazing(ly expensive) shots that you treasure in your heart but can only reasonably be expected to display in one place in your home? If you were married in the city within the last five years, we might be able to give those great shots another run in the sun. E-mail us!

‘New York Weddings’ Wants You to Relive Your Happiest Day