Oy Vey! Lower East Side to Lose Streit’s Matzo Factory


Caution: This picture makes you dizzy and causes matzo cravings.Photo: Curbed

Well, there goes the neighborhood (again). Today, Curbed brings us the sad news that Lower East Side landmark Streit’s matzo factory is up for sale. Streit’s, which has been operating at the corner of Rivington and Suffolk since 1925, has lately been run by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of founder Aron Streit, and they’re asking $25 million for the building, which will likely be torn down because, Curbed tells us, the interior doesn’t really lend itself to renovation (all those matzo-making machines, we guess). So probably it will become condos. But don’t despair, Lower East Siders. You may be losing the neighborhood, but you’re not losing the product: Streit’s will continue to produce matzo and other “ethnic delights” like Manhattan-style pickles with hot peppers. They’ll just do it elsewhere, probably in New Jersey.

Streit’s Matzo Leaving LES, Wants $25 Million For Building [Curbed]

Oy Vey! Lower East Side to Lose Streit’s Matzo Factory