Padma Leaves a Bad Taste in Fiamma’s Mouth


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Manhattan Moms, an East Coast equivalent of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, will premiere early next year. A lot of the city’s foremost graffiti artists congregated for a book party at Auto in the meatpacking district. Billy Joel is in talks with the Mets to perform a bunch of gigs at Shea Stadium. George Steinbrenner will have a high school named after him in Tampa. Padma Lakshmi was rude to the staff at Soho eatery Fiamma, but Martha Stewart overtipped and was nice. CNN gave out an award to someone for forcing “one of the world’s largest oil corporations to pay more than $6 billion to clean up toxic waste in the Amazon rain forest,” but didn’t name Chevron as the company because they are an advertiser.

Producers of The Hills tried to set Lauren up with a French guy before she even got to Paris. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are at odds with one another on the set of their upcoming movie because she’s uptight and he’s laid-back. A judge may scale back Britney Spears’s visitation rights because she blew off a court-ordered deposition. Debbie Dickinson, the quieter sister of Janice Dickinson, is getting back into modeling. Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody says that the character played by Jason Bateman is not a pedophile. Brett Ratner, Adrian Grenier, and Ben Silverman all attended a Hillary Clinton fund-raiser in Hollywood. Fake Spears impregnator J.R. Rotem acted like a diva at an awards show in L.A. Hughes Winborne, the editor of upcoming Oprah-produced flick The Great Debaters, got married in the editing room with star Denzel Washington as his best man because he was under so much pressure to finish the movie. Jessica Alba is pregnant with on-again boyfriend Cash Warren. (Alba is also in talks to appear in a Mamet play on Broadway.) David Letterman and sixteen strike-idled workers ate steak at Ben Benson’s. A forthcoming book will chronicle how celebs like Lindsay Lohan and O.J. Simpson have avoided jail time. Liz Smith really likes the “glamorous, saucy, cynical” Charlie Wilson’s War.

Padma Leaves a Bad Taste in Fiamma’s Mouth