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Page Six” has made a new move in its aggressive push to take over the world and make it canoodley. They’ve launched the new version of! The site is slick, a little bit more glamorous, and a lot more bloggy. They’ve got feeds from other gossip sites, a running blog (which, so far, seems to have mostly party pictures and items from the print version of the column), and even Gawker Stalker Maps. So who are the people behind this massive effort? They’ve got bios! We’ve selected the most important lines from their personal pages, and it turns out they chose to announce themselves to the world in special, special ways:

Jana Winter is a fiery reporter with a love of murder and mayhem (and dirty vodka martinis) and a knack for finding — then talking her way out of — trouble.

Sean Borg was born in London and had a flair for writing even before he could talk — so says his mother, anyway. She remembers when her son was just 18 months old and she caught him scrawling all over her new “washable flock” wallpaper with a felt-tip pen.
[Jen] Heger is known for her wicked sense of humor, and even Paris Hilton has admitted that “Jen is very funny and knows how to have a good time!”
• On a rainy Mischief Night Jarett Wieselman arrived in this world, all 10 pounds 9 ounces of him. After he was consistently mistaken for a 3-month-old in the newborn care center, Wieselman’s parents quickly became aware their son was larger than life.
• In August 2007, [Libby Keatinge] moved to Manhattan with her Shih Tzu, Jade, who is a canine supermodel.
• In college [Noelle Hancock] penned a weekly column for the Yale Daily News in which she wrote on matters of great importance like health-care reform and the time she was bitten by a squirrel.

You can just hear some editor over there saying, “Come on, people! Put your best stiletto forward!”

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