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Pandit and Willumstad to Share the Ultimate Power?

• The newest Citigroup rumors suggest a “tag team at the top”: Financial whiz Vikram Pandit will take over as CEO, while the more socially astute Robert Willumstad handles chairman duties. We’re just not sure “tag team” means the same thing for us as it does the Times? [DealBook/NYT]
• Morgan Stanley issued a full recession alert for the U.S. economy today in the oh-so-subtly titled “Recession Coming.” Meanwhile, a recent Journal poll of top economists puts the risk of recession at 38 percent. [Telegraph, WSJ]
• Thirtysomething Blackstone real-estate guru Jonathan Gray is getting rather comfortable in the top tier of the young establishment. [DealBook/NYT]

• Is Post photog Ron Romano somehow connected to the Staten Island ninja burglar? And just how does Lois Lane get all those Superman scoops?! [Radar]
• Dow Jones deal boosts Murdoch’s ego, does little for investors? [CNN]
• Harvard profs use assistants to write their books. Who knew! [WP]

• Aaron Charney best bud Gera Grinberg gets engaged! And to a woman! Definitely not gay! [Above the Law]
• Simpson Thatcher lays down the law about associates putting in the proper face time, actually showing up to work from 9:30 to 6:00. That $160,000 salary isn’t going to earn itself! [Above the Law]
• One Weil veteran’s tip to young associates: “Stay in touch with your friends.” You see, lawyers need to be reminded about that kind of thing. [Texas Lawyer]

• In case that W spread wasn’t enough, David Beckham is back in his skivvies for Emporio Armani. [British Vogue]
• Donatella Versace brought her company around by slapping the family brand name on accessories, hotels, and nearly everything else. So chocolate, we suppose, was just inevitable. [Fashion Week Daily]
• Kid Robot’s launching a line of swimwear. Rejoice hipsters! [Fashionista]

Pandit and Willumstad to Share the Ultimate Power?