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‘Post’ Exposes a Truly Trouble-ing Mess


Helmsley and Trouble in happier, alive-er days.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Today’s Post is the only paper reporting what’s really going on in the perilous personal life of one of New York’s living landmarks. The tabloid details the trauma and despair filling the life of Trouble, Leona Helmsley’s dog (who inherited $12 million after her owner died earlier this year). In an investigative coup, the Post learned (from watching CBS News) that the dog has received kidnapping and death threats. In a bold cover story we learn how the brave actions of just a few people swept her out of harm’s way in a set of brilliant — but dangerous! — last-minute maneuvers. This past month, Trouble’s alert security detail smuggled the four-and-a-half-pound dog out of Connecticut, where she had been living, and delivered her to Sarasota, Florida, where she is “wintering.” “We had to change her name, even to take her on the aircraft,” said John Codey, the Helmsley executive in charge of Trouble’s trust fund. “We called her Bauble instead of Trouble.” Codey is the financier who helps the dog, who had been living in a 28-room mansion, spend roughly $300,000 a year from her inheritance. Now, everybody, get out your typewriters and peck out an angry letter to every other newspaper in the city. This is the type of coverage that sets the Post apart.


‘Post’ Exposes a Truly Trouble-ing Mess