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Proenza Schouler, Guy Trebay Think Alike

Brooke Astor

Lazaro and Jack from Proenza SchoulerPhoto: FilmMagic

Earlier this week in their clever guest blog for the Times, Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez interviewed photographer Terry Richardson.

There used to be a hard line between the word of art photography and fashion photography. You seem to have disregarded this boundary. One day we’ll swing by PS1 and see a huge installation of your work, and the next day we’ll open French Vogue and see a story you have shot. Have these traditional boundaries ever meant anything to you?

Richardson gave a lame answer, and we wished we heard more about the increasingly blurred line between fashion and art photography. What an interesting and timely subject to ask about! We didn’t have to wait long, though. Today, Guy Trebay tackles that exact topic in “Thursday Styles.” With interviews from Christie’s experts, an editor at W, and a gallery curator, Trebay really blows it up. For which we are, of course, very appreciative. Both for the art lesson, and for the knowledge that it’s fully okay to recycle ideas from your own company.

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Proenza Schouler, Guy Trebay Think Alike