Find the Perfect Man With Our Male-Model Manual

Hey kids, it’s your new candy store!

If the delicious cornucopia pictured above didn’t already get your attention, allow us to direct you to our latest offering: men! More specifically, those newly featured in our ever-handy Model Manual, to which we’ve just added 41 male specimens. Don’t know your dreamboat’s name? No worries — he doesn’t necessarily need one, right? Plus, we’ve taken the time to organize them all by their distinctive traits, from Brazilian boys to sugar daddies. After the jump, please do enjoy a solid afternoon’s worth of lusty procrastination.

Big Blue Eyes Perfectly Chiseled "It" Boys Young and Fresh Gym Rats
Sugar Daddies French Lovers Boys From Ipanema Career Hyphenates Untamed Tresses
Find the Perfect Man With Our Male-Model Manual