The Nine Media Lives of Tina Brown

Tina Brown

Photo: Getty Images

Tina Brown signed a deal to develop story ideas and shows for HBO. Donny Deutsch celebrated his 50th-birthday party at Jazz at Lincoln Center with lobster tail and foie gras. Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman are having trouble yachting around on their Caribbean honeymoon because there’s a massive fuel strike on St. Barts. (Weinstein’s friends also sent him a lot of video congratulations on the day of his wedding.) Lydia Hearst is mad that her name is being attached to Darfur awareness events without her permission. Gay activist Allen Roskoff keeps George Bush toilet paper at his Jane Street apartment.

Katie Couric asks all ten White House aspirants if America should trust a cheater on the Evening News tomorrow. Jailed Canadian media baron Conrad Black is not so thrilled that “friends” William F. Buckley and Henry Kissinger have both publicly said they think he’s guilty. Ex-quarterback Dan Marino celebrated the launch of his new vodka at Maria Pia. Pamela Anderson said she and Rick Salomon are “working things out.” (Though she reportedly had a fling in Vegas with Criss Angel.) Dave Grohl thinks that party-hardy young celebs need to spend more time with their families. Former Audioslave front man Chris Cornell and his wife lost $30,000 in valuables after a flood destroyed their hotel room in Buenos Aires. Former HBO CEO Chris Albrecht is getting married to TV correspondent Karla Jensen. Jennifer Love Hewitt may or may not be pregnant. Former Atlanta Brave pitcher and No. 7 train hater John Rocker says that Jose Conseco was wrong to out steroid users. An unauthorized Tom Cruise biography is coming out in January, and it dishes on his sex life with Katie Holmes. Fans are mad at Jessica Simpson for jinxing boyfriend Tony Romo by showing up to his last game. Recently separated French president Nicolas Sarkozy went on a date to Euro Disney with Italian supermodel-cum-pop-singer Carla Bruni. Tara Reid had to go to the hospital after taking a spill during a night out in Bali. Mischa Barton will play a psychologically unbalanced girlfriend in her next movie. Ralph Lauren likes girls who wear T-shirts and jeans.

The Nine Media Lives of Tina Brown