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When You’re Good to Foxy, Foxy’s Good to You


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Remember when Martha Stewart was at Alderson Prison camp and she made friends with her fellow inmates? She did arts and crafts with them and even purposefully lost a Christmas-tree competition to help build up their self-esteem? That’s exactly the approach that rapper Foxy Brown is taking toward her fellow inmates at Rikers. Well, if you replaced the arts-and-crafts part with abusive threats, and the “friends” bit with “40 days in solitary.” The Post today checks in with her prison life, and finds out that she’s not fitting in as well as her critics would have guessed:

• She accessorizes her prison jumpsuit the only way she can, with Gucci and Louis Vuitton sneakers.
• The minute the sneakers get dirty, she has someone bring her a new pair.
• She talks trash to prison officials.
• She is fresh out of solitary confinement, but she doesn’t interact with or trust anyone around her.
• She threatens others with the “juice” she has on the outside.

It’s funny — in spite of ourselves we always sort of imagined that her prison stint would involve some passionate but gritty musical numbers and Bob Fosse dance moves. Aren’t hip-hop leaders supposed to set an example?

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When You’re Good to Foxy, Foxy’s Good to You