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Amy Fisher Sex-Tape Story Isn’t Over Yet (In Fact, It May Never Be)

Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher, basking in ill-gotten

God love Cindy Adams. “Amy Fisher is an American original,” she writes in her column today, reporting that Fisher attended the recent Adult Entertainment Expo Las Vegas to promote her sex tape. “Someday they’ll bronze her private parts.” Let’s hope sooner rather than later, as Cindy also says there’s a rumor flying around that the Long Island Lolita and her husband “want their own reality/sexuality show.” Shudder. It does seem as though Fisher (who previously claimed her husband sold the sex tape without her knowledge and that she is being forced by circumstance to help promote it) is warming to her new career as a porn star. “I saw the video, and I think I look freakin’ hot,” Fisher told Adult Entertainment News, adding that she and her husband have a lot more where that came from. There’s “probably a thousand hours of video,” she said. “Frankly, they could probably make 15 more movies out of the footage that they have.” Wait: 1,000 hours? How do these people even manage to do anything else or ever get to work? Oh, right.

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Amy Fisher Sex-Tape Story Isn’t Over Yet (In Fact, It May Never Be)