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Amy Fisher Wants to Clear the Air About That Sex Tape

Amy Fisher


As you may know, Amy Fisher is D.J.-ing tonight at the release party for a sex tape she made with her husband. Since she had previously claimed her husband sold the tape to a porn distributor after their divorce, without her knowledge and against her will, this is a little confusing, and naturally, some media outlets have postulated that Amy was the one who sold the sex tape and is profiting from it. But that, Amy said in a press conference she held this afternoon, couldn’t be further from the truth. “I want to make it crystal clear,” Fisher stated. “I did not, I repeat, I did not sell my sex tape.” The woman formerly known as the Long Island Lolita went on: “I have written a newspaper column, I have written a book, all of which were very lucrative. There are many ways out there to make money without taking your clothes off … I have earned nothing from this tape but embarrassment.” All she did, she went on to explain, is settle with the Red Light District company for a sum she does not disclose, and as part of her settlement, she agreed to help promote the sex tape.

Thank goodness that’s cleared up! We thought she got paid her for her sex tape and then was helping to promote it!

Amy Fisher, husband promote sex tape [CNN]
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Amy Fisher Wants to Clear the Air About That Sex Tape