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At Last: Introducing John Edwards, the Minority Candidate

Remember when we were surprised that, after “The Cry,” Hillary Clinton suddenly was turned into a minority candidate? She is a woman, after all, but until recently both she and Obama had done a good job of sidelining their gender and race. Well, now we’re really surprised. John Edwards is now claiming to be a accepting the title of “minority candidate,” because he is the only white male running in the Democratic primaries. The above clip (click to view) is from an episode of The Tyra Banks Show to be aired on Friday. In it, you’ll see the following exchange:

Tyra: What does that feel like to be a minority and to be a white male?
Edwards: It feels like you have to fight hard for everything you get.
Tyra: [Offering up a high five] Give it to me because I’m a black woman.

Next thing you know, the Republican candidates will be claiming to be minorities. And then we’ll know the apocalypse is nigh.

Edwards Talks to Tyra Banks [Time]
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At Last: Introducing John Edwards, the Minority Candidate