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Rupert Plucks ‘Journal’ From Its Home and Carries It Back to His Lair

• Like a bird of prey with a juicy morsel in its claws, Rupert Murdoch is moving the Journal back to his midtown News Corp. nest to feast on its carcass. New plans include more entertainment coverage and a sports page! [NYT]
• A mouse was spotted at the Times building! And as all apartment dwellers know, for every mouse you see, there are seven you don’t see. [Gawker]
• The Writers Guild has struck a deal that allows them to write for the Grammys. Good thing, because improvised speaking never really sounds as good as improvised music. [USAT, Vulture]

• Julian Robertson, the former master of the hedge-fund universe, turned in a 77 percent return on multi-billion subprime bets, using a portfolio comprised entirely of his own money. Not bad for a 75-year-old “retiree.” [Fortune]
• Steve Schwarzman tarnished his reputation still further, pulling out of yet another multi-billion-dollar deal. Merger interruptus, anyone? [NYP]
• It’s come out that Jerome Kerviel began making his false trades in 2005, a full year earlier than Société Générale originally said. Now management is being criticized for ignoring the red flags, and the bank is facing takeover offers. [NYT]

• Martin Tankleff, the Long Island man whose murder conviction for killing his parents was recently dismissed, after he spent seventeen years in prison, started taking classes at Hofstra this week. You’d think with an application essay like that he could get into a top-tier school. [NYT]
• Burt Neuborne, $3.1 million in Holocaust money already in the bank, requested another $300,000 in interest for the two years that survivors delayed his legal fees while they argued that he should have been working pro bono. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Win your case, get rewarded with a four-foot-long rapier! [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Forget Elle, now Kate Moss is rumored to be hitting the runway for designer pal Vivienne Westwood. Let’s hope she won’t drop out last-minute like she did for the Christian Dior fall couture show last July. [Fashionista]
• will have two Halston looks for sale the day after the collection’s New York Fashion Week debut. It will also probably have a sizable chunk of our paychecks. [British Vogue]
• Once a muse for Yves Saint-Laurent, Loulou de la Falaise is now a jewelry designer. Her pieces will show on the Oscar de la Renta runway, and, slightly less glamorously, on the Home Shopping Network. [Fashion Week Daily]

Rupert Plucks ‘Journal’ From Its Home and Carries It Back to His Lair