Breaking: Someone Fancy Went to Mohegan Sun!

Am Fine Collins

Photo: Getty Images

Vanity Fair style arbiter Amy Fine Collins went to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. Central Park carriage owners responded to Pink’s animal-cruelty charges by deriding them as the “ignorant comments of a B-list pop star.” Nets chairman and real-estate developer Bruce Ratner is getting married to plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin. At Sundance, Paris Hilton gave a lap dance to Jared Leto, David Katzenberg took pictures of his privates for girlfriend Nicky Hilton, Cisco Adler got into a shoving match, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian made out, and Adrian Grenier lost his drumsticks. John Legend says he doesn’t get caught up with dating models and that he’s “more concerned with (his) happiness.”

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the illegitimate daughter of Steve Jobs, has a story in February’s Vogue. Corporate sponsors may force the producers to strike a deal with the Writers Guild because they want to be able to advertise on the Oscars. The Soho House will soon open branches in Chicago, London, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Cairo, among others. Shockingly enough, Britney Spears has been tipping off the paparazzi as to her whereabouts. E! spelled recently deceased actor Brad Renfro’s name as “Brad Redfro” in a recent segment. O.J. Simpson had to be picked up from jail by a bail bondsman after a different bail bondsman ratted him out for attempting to contact a co-defendant. Amy Winehouse was caught snorting ecstasy and cocaine and smoking crack on camera hours before she went to court to support her jailed husband. Hillary Clinton’s eyebrows, “which once would have collected coal dust in a Welsh mining village, are now well-plucked and shaped into pleasant curves,” says one writer. Away From Her star Julie Christie hates award shows and Hollywood, but would attend the Oscars if they are a go. Eighty-five-year-old Mel Brooks says he’s done with dating. Rob Reiner is inviting funny writers to complete twelve stories he is writing the opening paragraph of. At Sundance, Le Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni skipped the fancy restaurants on Main Street, in Park City, and had a chicken sandwich from Burger King.

Breaking: Someone Fancy Went to Mohegan Sun!