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Chloë Sevigny Has a Bathroom Surprise

Chloe Sevigny

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BlackBook just posted an interview with Chloë Sevigny, in which they ask her the age-old question: New York or L.A.? Chloë gives some pretty compelling reasons to live here in the city, as opposed to La La Land. They include “obnoxious lesbian neighbors” who are “always playing Trivial Pursuit,” and some really, really scary bugs that crawl into your house:

One night I found this… thing. It was in the bathroom, which is downstairs [it’s a two-story house], and it was… it was like something from a David Cronenberg movie, and huge — huge! Or, I thought, maybe an alien had stopped in, and then gone into my bathroom to have a miscarriage. It’s probably not something you say in an interview, or maybe ever, because it’s incredibly embarrassing — but it’s pretty funny, so I will. I was so, so scared, I mean utterly terrified, that even after it was gone, for so long I wouldn’t go in there, and in the middle of the night, rather than risk it, I would pee off my upstairs porch. Turned out it’s called a potato bug. It’s the size of my fucking… hand.”

Um, wow. We are irrationally afraid of bugs, so this is a really good reason for us not to live in Los Angeles. Also the fact that if you’re walking around on the sidewalk, you run the risk of getting peed on from above by Chloë Sevigny.

Chloe Sevigny: Teacher’s Pet! [BlackBook]

Chloë Sevigny Has a Bathroom Surprise