Chris Rock Has a Good Question About Giuliani

Chris Rock

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Everyone says Giuliani was great on 9/11,” said Chris Rock during his show at MSG on New Year’s Eve. “What about on 9/10?” Joshua Jackson refused to let anyone sit with him and girlfriend Diane Kruger at the Soho Grand’s New Year’s Eve party. ABC anchor Bob Woodruff has made a full recovery from his Iraq injuries and recently went skiing. Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy hung out at the Plumm with New York Giant Michael Strahan while Murphy was getting ready to marry Tracey Edmonds on an island in the South Pacific. Britney Spears’s latest team of lawyers dumped her after a “breakdown in communication.”

Moammar Khadafy’s 33-year-old son, Saif, snapped a photo with Denzel Washington aboard Ron Perelman’s yacht, but Perelman refused to pose. Diane Keaton is okay being alone with her two kids at 62. Five hundred strangers took Wyclef Jean up on his offer to party at his New Jersey house on New Year’s Eve when he extended the invitation live on MTV. Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen played a gig on his yacht with Bon Jovi for the likes of Steven Spielberg and Billy Joel. Paul McCartney underwent a coronary angioplasty but is fine. Lindsay Lohan has taken to asking friends for spending money. (Lindsay’s mom also hilariously scolded ex-boyfriend Riley Giles’s mom for allowing her son to sell the story of his romantic liaison with Lindsay for $120,000.) Leonardo DiCaprio and ex-girlfriend Bar Rafaeli spent New Year’s Eve together in Vegas. Pete Wentz tried to get Ashlee Simpson to practice the New Year’s Eve countdown so she wouldn’t mess it up at the Shore Club in Miami. Empress Bianca, a roman à clef maybe based on the life of Lily Safra (it’s about a lady whose rich husbands suspiciously keep dying), will soon be published in the U.S. to Safra’s chagrin. An early scene in I Am Legend has the Giants losing to the New England Patriots for the second time in a season, despite the fact that the two teams are in separate conferences and could thus never play twice in a year. Vanessa Hudgens claims her nude pics weren’t a “reach for attention.” Pam Anderson hung out in Vegas with ex-boyfriend, five-foot-five former Cirque du Soleil acrobat Jesus Villa.

Chris Rock Has a Good Question About Giuliani