Col Allan Is Not Afraid of Mary-Kate Olsen!

Col Allan Mary Kate Olsen

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Patrick McMullan (Allan), Getty Images (Mary-Kate)

Following our post this morning about how the Post’s story on Mary-Kate Olsen being questioned by police turned out to be wrong, we just received this statement from Post editor-in-chief Col Allan, via e-mail:

We confirmed this story last night with an impeccable source inside the NYPD and we stand by our reporting. Almost immediately after the tragic passing of Mr. Ledger, Ms. Olsen’s attorneys began emailing us threatening letters. As has been well reported, there were a number of calls to Ms. Olsen from the masseuse before the NYPD arrived on the scene. We would find it strange if Ms. Olsen were not questioned at all. The New York Post will not be pressured and we find it odd that the chiefs at the NYPD appear to be terrified of 4-foot-11 inch, 90-pound Mary Kate Olsen.


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Col Allan Is Not Afraid of Mary-Kate Olsen!