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Coming Soon: ‘America’s Next Top Assistant Editor’!

Tyra Banks

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That’s right. According to Reuters, Tyra Banks and the producers of America’s Next Top Model are going to do a similar show about a group of young people competing to be assistant editors at a real fashion magazine. We can see it now:

Olandra: Oh, my God, you guys! We’ve got Tyra mail.
Other girls: TYRA MAAAAAILL!
Urethra: Tyra says we have to make an online index of book reviews. It’s an ongoing project that she’ll check up on in a few weeks!
Olandra: OMG. I’m so nervous. We’re also in charge of that crotchety old freelancer who never sends in any of her fact-checking. That’s, like, two semi-permanent assignments.
The Heavy One: And we just got handed that half-page front-of-book spread about sequins! I’ve talked to like five publicists this week. Man, this is just like when I was an editorial assistant. I can’t wait until I get to be an assistant editor!
Urethra: Who says you’re going to be America’s Next Top Assistant Editor? You have a confrontational personality and you don’t own enough pencil skirts.
The Heavy One: I just don’t like the way this show has changed me. I miss my boyfriend and my standard business hours.
Pootie: F—ing hell, does anybody know whether the text goes up or down when you put the paper in the fax machine?
Olandra: You ass hat, there’s, like, a diagram. [Under her breath] Watch this, you guys, she’s not even going to dial nine.

Riveting television. We can’t wait.

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Coming Soon: ‘America’s Next Top Assistant Editor’!