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Graydon Carter to Eat Less in 2008


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Today, crack WWD reporter Irin Carmon called around to various New York magazine editors to find out their New Year’s resolutions. As you can see, magazine editors have the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us. You know, ones that mostly involve being less fat and shallow:

Departures editor Richard Story: To have “an ark full of ASMEs.”
Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley: To “skip Us Weekly and The New York Post and read more books.”
Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter: “Less food, more exercise.”
Food & Wine editor Dana Cowin: “To kick my pork butt addiction and move on to healthier foods like eco-friendly farmed striped bass.”
CosmoGIRL! editor Susan Schulz: To take up Pilates and cook dinner for her husband twice a month (“Hey, gotta start somewhere!”).
Men’s Journal editor Brad Wieners: “To do the workout we just published (’40 is the new 30!’).”
Bon Appétit editor Barbara Fairchild: “With my job, that same 15 pounds I always resolve to lose is with me for life.”

Meanwhile, we notice Graydon ignored our advice on what to resolve this year. But then again, he only has twelve more chances to write a boringly hysterical editor’s letter about President Bush, so we guess that’s understandable.

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Graydon Carter to Eat Less in 2008