Has Al Gore Been Touching Bono in a Bad Way?

Bono and Al

Photo: Getty Images

Bono says that being with Al Gore is like “being with an Irish priest.”Mel Gibson supposedly distanced himself from Heath Ledger after Ledger chose to play a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain against Gibson’s counsel. Celebs like Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey may like Hugo Chavez because of his drugs.

Britney Spears’s bodyguard offered up a two-hour deposition regarding her “drug use, her nudity, and her ability to drive with her children.” John Leguizamo just bought a $5.75 million townhouse on West 9th Street. Hank Aaron, Mario Cuomo, Jack Kemp, and taxi tycoon Andrew Murstein are all trying to buy a sports franchise together. Chris Brown and Rihanna went on a date to Barneys. Mayor Bloomberg sent the mayor of Green Bay twenty pounds of porterhouse from Peter Luger Steakhouse as a consolation prize for the Packers’ loss to the Giants. CNBC’s Erin Burnett said that Apple has gone from the “It” stock of 2007 to the “shit” stock of 2008. A flack for the network tells “Page Six,” “It was a scripted play on words…not an expletive.” Whatever that means. A former trustee of the James Brown estate may go to jail if he doesn’t return a $350,000 royalty check that was sent to him by mistake. Tim Burton got wife Helena Bonham Carter four pairs of motorcycle boots after she had a baby. Mike Huckabee is hosting a $1,000-a-head fund-raiser at the home of Steve McEveety, who produced Passion of the Christ. Howard Stern really likes the new Rambo flick. A 78-year-old cousin of Shannen Dougherty/Paris Hilton/Pamela Anderson paramour Rick Salomon is under the impression that Anderson is too “trashy” for him.

Has Al Gore Been Touching Bono in a Bad Way?