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Hey, Did You Know Bloomberg Had a Say in Iowa, Too?


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After barely allowing the spotlight to wander off of him yesterday during the Iowa caucus, Bloomberg is at it again, inserting himself into the presidential discussion. During his weekly call-in talk show with John Gambling on WABC-AM, Bloomberg opined on the results from the Midwest and on why he thinks the candidates aren’t really telling America what it needs to hear. Some highlights:

• “I think you can’t read an awful lot into any one state’s election.”
• “I have no idea who’s going to win. I’m not in the business of handicapping.”
• “[The candidates] are unwilling to face the big issues, and take the risks, and give it straight to the public. And that’s not good for democracy, and it’s certainly not good for America.”
• “There’s [no issue or solution] without cost that is facing us. And it’s just … You know, the people running for office always say, ‘I don’t want to bring that up now. If I do, I won’t get elected. But if I don’t mention it and get elected, then I can do the difficult stuff.’”
• “I would just like to get [the candidates] to address the important issues with more specificity of what they’d actually do to solve the problem of who’s going to pay for health care, and what are we going to do overseas, and how are we going to keep our economy — which seems to be slowing down — how we’re going to get that going again, and how we’re going to make sure that everybody shares and that the tax burden is fairly distributed.”

Is this going to happen after every primary? The “What Does Bloomberg Think?” hour? Because, if so, at this rate he’s going to be in the electoral dialogue way more than Giuliani. Without paying a dime.

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Hey, Did You Know Bloomberg Had a Say in Iowa, Too?